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bazuka74 Hey! I know... just didn't feel like to talk, sometimes it happens you know:) And what about you? I haven't seen you in the chat lately, what's going on? I was worried!:)

Отредактировано Moody (08.08.16 18:11:07)



Same reason, more or less... didn't feel like talking much lately... plus in the chat the girls tend to go off the rails often enough... you know what subject I mean, don't you?..)) & it's really annoying as if there's nothing else in the world to talk about...((

What are you up to?.. & how is your cat?.. is he any better?.. still licking frying pans?.. :D

P.S. Thank you for thinking of me, it's really nice of you.)) http://s2.uploads.ru/1EjvD.gif

Отредактировано bazuka74 (08.08.16 23:02:02)



I perfectly understand you! Actually, I thought to be the only weird one to find it boring after a while.
My cat died on Tuesday, which was one of the reasons why I wasn't very sociable these days.



Oh, no... no, no, no... really?.. I'm so so sorry to hear that, that is bad...(((   
Hey, how are you doing?..(((
I hope he went quickly, without too much suffering...

Well, sometimes there are some interesting chats going on, but obviously not always, I think maybe you should visit more often then, it might help to take your mind off of sad things, no?

Отредактировано bazuka74 (08.08.16 18:53:14)



He died of fever, very quickly and unexpectedly, which was the best way for him (my vet said I would've had to put him to sleep this month anyway). I have other three left, the messy ones -.-
Yeah, sometimes I read really crazy things and even discover new worlds here (slaves and stuff, you know;).



Ahahahaha, you're telling me... I know, I've been there, well, not recently but still... well, at least it does take your mind off of sadness, yeah... but where does it take it instead???.. :D those places could be very scary... :confused: )))

I was actually planning to come back there, just waiting to be settled in the right frame of mind properly, I had some upsets myself lately, so laying low atm...

Отредактировано bazuka74 (08.08.16 23:04:20)



bazuka74 Look where i was today! :P

Отредактировано Moody (09.08.16 22:17:14)



Aaaaaaa!!!!!.. wanna be there too...((
I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not... I'm not... I'm... do I look a little green?.. :x  I wonder why?.. :D

How are you?.. generally?.. what've you been up to today?..)) http://s2.uploads.ru/1EjvD.gif



Don't be too jealous, it was very very very HOT! But I stopped to take this photo to remind you of your vacation :P Anyway, today I was just hanging around the city, basically doing nothing. Oh, got a bright yellow shirt! :D  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/he_and_she/girl_impossible.gif



Great!.. good for you!..)
... why yellow though?..))  is that your favourite colour?..   http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/standart/mosking.gif  or was it just on the spur of the moment thing... aha, you are Moody, so I guess it was just a spontaneous thing, right?.. :D
The point is - you like it, and if someone else doesn't, well, they don't have to look at you, right?..)
How was your summer generally?.. I mean weather wise?.. this year we didn't have a nice weather, it was colder & wetter than usual...( but last few weeks it isn't too bad...)
When are you planning your trip home?.. http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/light_skin/smoke.gif

Отредактировано bazuka74 (09.08.16 23:01:14)



Yellow is a happy color, and.... it looks good on tanned body, so now I have an excuse to spend more time on the beach ;) You know how my summer was: working and studying -.- But I still have two months left! What about your summer? Going anywhere nice?
I'm going to Saint-Petersburg in November  http://s3.uploads.ru/t/LuSlq.png



Yeah, light colours look great on a tanned body, you're right, of course...)

I know you were studying a lot this summer, so you really do deserve a nice break... & S.- P. is a great place for it, lots of people would love to be in your shoes.)

No, I haven't planned anything special yet, except of going & visit my mum as soon as our revision is over & I caught up on all the paperwork at the office... sounds a lot like a Cinderella story: do this, this, this, a little bit of that, that & that as well... & then you can go on your... holiday...  :D



That's what I always say!



And... I totally love this psychological test!! (you can do it in English or Russian, it doesn't matter). Can't put the results here, because you're not supposed to read it before starting the test, but if anyone is interested, just tell me and I'll send it to you;)

Отредактировано Moody (10.08.16 18:56:42)



FanniArdan|0011/7a/32/1900-1446929053.jpg написал(а):

Hello.I will be glad to talk in English with somebody,for practising.Sorry for doing mistakes.

Hi)) I am sorry for doing mistakes too)))



Satine|0011/7a/32/1768-1462880052.jpg написал(а):


Satine) thank you for this topic)



Hey, Moody.))
I've done the test, so how can I know now if I'm a complete psycho or not?.. :D

P.S. by the way, great words about the gut instinct, no arguments there... here is another one for you & whoever else wanna see it:

Свернутый текст




Tell me are you use a translator?))) There is a lot I don t understand)))



лемур, hey there.))
Glad to see you here... how is your day?..)

... & I don't need a translator as I live in England for 17 years now...)

Отредактировано bazuka74 (10.08.16 19:34:38)



I am settle down, you know)))
:( I have been cooking all the day) at home)