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She lives in another city. We chat and discuss different things. She helps me to understand my partner. Don't know what could happen if we were in the same city😊😎



rush of new filling is seductive!  but one should remember what can be lost.



That's true. You always pay for your choice



Didn't want to be dramatic!:) I started asking this to myself just because one of my students recently told me: "As soon as I meet a girl I know if I can fall in love with her or we can be just friends. In first case I stay away from her." So I thought wow, people are so different. But looks like she was right!



are you a teacher?



Yes, I am.



so,  did that student decide to stay away from you and avoid visiting your classes?



Hi guys, I thought I'd butt in while this topic is still going...)

Moody said:

I have a question for you girls, and I prefer to ask it here just to keep the topic alive. Imagine, you are in a relationship, but you often have to deal with a person (at work, or gym, or maybe you have friends in common) who is exactly "your type". What would you do? Ignore or try to keep her as a friend? Or such thing would never happen to you?

I could never do that... I mean, if I really like someone else, then I'd need to be honest with my current partner... only after that can I pursue something with another person...
... if my feelings are really true, of course...

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Nono, fortunately not!:)) It was a private lesson and she was speaking generally. Sometimes my students say the things that surprise me a lot.



bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1464602865.jpg написал(а):

I could never do that, I mean, if I really like someone else other than my current partner, then I'd need to be honest with them... only then can I pursue someone else... if my feelings are really strong.

Hello! How is it going in Manchester?

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So British:)))



Hey, stranger!))
Hope you'll see my message today or tomorrow.)
Where have you been?.. I couldn't get on here for a couple of days properly but it's not all bad 'coz I had a lot of documents to do at work, so I finished nearly everything.)))

I watched the video above - bloody hilarious!.. what is it with good looking girls?.. why so many of them are sooooo stupid, ha???..  :D

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I've been here, just a bit busy these days, and the forum didn't work well, so I was quite annoyed with that:)
Well, there is something worse than stupid pretty girls, and it's stupid ugly girls!! :D



Hey, Moody & anyone who visits this topic!
How's life?.. still busy?
I've got tons to do myself... suddenly 1000 & 1 document to do... where are they all came from?.. why is it always all or nothing?..
Moody, how often do you enjoy pizza youself?..)) and be honest...  :writing:

P.S. spoke to Io yesterday in VK, she sends her love...))
... and she says her ban is really long, 6 more weeks to go... can you believe it???.. :unsure:



What did she do????



Hey, Krot.)
She posted something in a topic about celebrating 'Ivan Kupala' in the Baltic States (I think Io is from Lithuania)... she said that these kind of holidays only make people drunk & do no good to anyone, etc... she was a bit negative in her post, thus upsetting a few girls... I haven't seen it myself, but we did chat in VK... that's where she told me about that... she said she didn't mean to cause any trouble though but alas it is too late for that now...)



bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1467415180.jpg написал(а):

Moody, how often do you enjoy pizza youself?..)) and be honest.

I'll be completely honest to you, I don't like neither pizza nor pasta, so I almost never eat it. Sometimes I have a slice of pizza when there is no other choice, or when I don't feel like to stop anywhere to eat properly.

bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1467415180.jpg написал(а):

P.S. spoke to Io yesterday in VK

How sociable you are! :D

bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1467415180.jpg написал(а):

she says her ban is really long, 6 more weeks to g

That's weird... maybe there was something else we don't know...



Hey, Moody.)
You've been here late yesterday or should I say - early?..  :D
I wasn't looking for Io, I'm not that desperate...) but she found forum's website & was already on it by the time I got there to ask what was wrong with the forum... she was talking to Lis & Enigma & Fortuna(?), so someone had asked her if she was Io & she said 'yes',.. then we spoke privately for a little while.)
That's when she said how long her ban actually was, that really surprised me... I think you're right, there was something else, 'coz her ban is too long, usually 1st one is just one week... :smoke:
Moody, how is your cat?.. is he getting any better at all?
How are your studies?.. moving along, I hope?..  :)






Hey, Moody!
How are you?.. long time, no see...))
Great words by the way.)