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It's almost midnight!



it's almost rain!



My favourite time)



Hey girls, how's everyone tonight?..)

Moody|0011/7a/32/3952-1463741523.jpg написал(а):

That awkward moment when you arrive at the embassy and don't understand which language you're supposed to speak

Something I can relate to... :D
... it's even worse in your case, at least for me, there are only a couple of choices...))

лемур|0011/7a/32/4059-1468238148.jpg написал(а):

So pity that is so long to wait(

It isn't any better in Russia, passport always takes forever to get, so I'm not surprised at all... :yep:



bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1468346098.png написал(а):

it's even worse in your case, at least for me, there are only a couple of choices.

Exactly!! I was wondering if you have that weird Manchester accent when you speak English:P



Moody, morning.))
No, I went to local college right away, when I arrived in 1999, they taught us there a 'normal' English... at first,.. only after a while they introduced us to all the dialects & accents, but by then we already spoke decent language & didn't pick it up... thank god... Idk about the rest of our group right now, but I don't have an accent, which isn't always helpful 'coz locals think that I'm from down south and they don't like each other very much, I mean, southerners & northerners... :D

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bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1468346098.png написал(а):

southerners & northerners.

Same thing here, and I think it's ridiculous that such a small country is divided in regions that really hate each other. Even in the same region there are southern and northern areas... and they hate each other too! No one believes that all Russians speak the same language and perfectly understand each other.

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Moody|0011/7a/32/3952-1463741523.jpg написал(а):

No one believes that all Russians speak the same language and perfectly understand each other.

Precisely!!!.. they don't... & those who do - then they don't understand it... they always ask 'how is it even possible?'.. :confused:  makes me laugh every time...))

Have you ever seen 'The Catherine Tate Show'?.. it absolutely kills me... I love it... that's where the accents galore... & her sense of humour is something else... I adore English humour, I really do... :yep:

Watch this:  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/light_skin/lol.gif 

Свернутый текст

or this: http://s2.uploads.ru/g7C9J.gif 

Свернутый текст

Actually, English accents & dialects are not as innocent as in some other countries,.. born & bred often don't understand each other... what chance do I have???.. :D

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Ok, but remember that I learned English in America!!!  http://arcanumclub.ru/smiles/smile8.gif 
Actually, Italian dialects aren't innocent at all, some of them are even considered separate languages (like Neapolitan or "sardo"), so I guess it's like in England more or less. Unfortunately I learned Italian without any school, just living here, so I picked up a lot of roman :( Sometimes I have to make a huge effort not to use it in some formal situations.



Oooops, sorry, I forgot...)
Americans do tend to oversimplify everything, including the language & especially the grammar...)

Hmmm, what is roman?.. some kind of slang?..))

I picked up a lot of bad words as soon as I arrived... couldn't help myself... they make everything very colourful... :D  however, people up north are generally simpler [even though, a lot friendlier], so oftentimes they don't understand difficult words or phrases I use...((

Also there lots of little quirks round where I live, for example, people call their lunches - 'dinner' & their dinners - 'tea' or 'supper'...))) I mean, seriously??.. 'tea'?.. I take tea quite literally, tea is a tea to me but to the locals those are proper huge meals... also they can very easily say: 'I'll learn you' instead of 'I'll teach you' & the other way around... also they often don't get more sophisticated words, such as, 'edible'... they only know the simpler versions, such as, 'eatable'... basically, once I start with something smart, that's where the problems begin... http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/standart/mosking.gif  but I got used to it now, so nothing really surprises me anymore... well language wise, of course... http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/light_skin/dirol.gif



bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1468346098.png написал(а):

Americans do tend to oversimplify everything

The grammar isn't so different, but the pronunciation yes! So often I have to concentrate to understand British English, which becomes almost incomprehensible to me when they use a dialect:)
Roman is Italian spoken in Rome:) They use some words or phrases that are not used in other parts of Italy, for example

bazuka74|0011/7a/32/4024-1468346098.png написал(а):

'I'll learn you' instead of 'I'll teach you'

. They say exactly the same thing in roman! :D




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